Textiles Foils

Textile Foils For Glamorous Appearance

Metallic foils on pre-treated textiles, imitation leather and also genuine leather are now indispensable in fashion.
DATS FOILSS offers a wide range of metallic – pigmented and Multicolored- Two tone- Holographic effects that can be used to decorate a wide range of fashion fabric T- Shirts & Sarees , Home furnishing decor designs, Shoe and Dress Material and various Textile Fabrics.  State-of-the-range technologies and extensive knowledge of the market reliably ensure consistently high quality of our special films.
DATS FOILSS product lines impress with their brilliant colors and give your fabric and textile products the special extra.
Various Microns & Long Length Jumbos with customized sizes for save cost and time at the time of production.

Key Features

Fashion Garments
Dress & Shoes
Washable Quality
Textile Foils
Textile Fabric
Tags, Ribbon
Multi - Coloured

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