Heat Transfer Foil

Heat Transfer Foil

Heat Transfer Foils are heat transferable materials that are trending in the garment decoration industry. They are perfect for adding a true metallic element to designs! If you are not familiar with the title Heat Transfer Foils, perhaps you may know these as Screen Print Foils or even Hot Stamp Foils. These products come in a variety of titles; however, they are all the same. It is important to note that Heat Transfer Foil is not Heat Transfer Vinyl. Heat Transfer Foils are not designed to be cut in a vinyl cutter/plotter nor do they need to be weeded. They also do not include an adhesive. In this case, a separate adhesive material must be first applied to further apply Heat Transfer Foils.

Key Featues

Used In

Paint & Oil Pails
Lunch Boxes
Cosmetics & Hair Accessories
Decorative Wall Panels
Food & Confectionery
Modular Switch Plates
Wall -
Dinner Plates
Household Buckets
Water Jugs & Bottles

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